About Us

Kanawha Valley Serve is not an organization or non-profit nor does it receive any funding of any type. Kanawha Valley Serve was simply born out of wanting to organize a place volunteers can find places to serve. It is an initiative to make a difference by loving God and loving people through serving. We will list any volunteer opportunities as we become aware of them and you can always mail us any events that you need volunteers for. While we prefer to list volunteer opportunities with non-profits that are registered with the state, we will share one time event opportunities and some private volunteer opportunities such as someone needing help after surgery. Kanawha Valley Serve does not endorse nor accepts responsibility for any volunteers who answer your add. We strongly recommend you have a screening process for vetting any volunteers who may want to work with you in any capacity. For volunteers, we accept no liability for any injuries nor do we endorse any of the organizations we list service opportunities for. If you have a complaint, you may email us so we can access whether or not to continue listing volunteer opportunities from certain sites, however we highly recommend you check out the background of any volunteer organization you may wish to volunteer for. Kanawha Valley Serve is simply here to list service opportunities. We can not guarantee any volunteers will answer our announcements for volunteers.
If you have an announcement for volunteer opportunities, please email us with a press release or email with as much information about your event as possible or a flyer of your event so we can share it.